Six simple tips that will help you to manage your workday better.

1. Plan your day

If you haven’t planned your day, you will loose a lot of valuable time in the morning. Write it down the night before!

2. Take notes on the go

Get yourself a good old notebook, where you write down importent tasks as soon as they come to your mind. Bring the notebook everywhere. (Or you can use an electronic tool for keeping the tasks.)

3. Purchase services and delegate

Spend your time on what you do best. Let others take care of the rest.

4. Drop unnecessary meetings

Only go to meetings, seminars, etc. that give you something in return. Influence the content of meetings where you have an obligation to participate.

5. Clean your desk

You will not have to search through piles for papers, and happiness increase.

6. And if you have a slow start

Restart. Do not use energy on the uneven start.


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